Establishing my manhood

So I’ve wanted to grow an epic beard like this for a long time but for a number of reasons could not.

(Ryan, thebaccybutcher from YouTube. Find more from him at

I’ll be honest, at first I just plain couldn’t grow one. It would just come in all white trash and patchy and I would shave it off after a week or two. Then I accepted a management position with a big brown company that had a very old school clean cut approach to facial hair.

Now I work for a chemical company and any facial hair that comes in the way of a respirator is not allowed. This leaves me with side burns, which I’ve rocked since High School, and the possibility of a mustache.

So at my wife’s disgust, I’ve decided to embark on the journey to an epic mustache. I have no idea what it will look like, or how long it will take. The only sure thing is that most will not like it, but that’s ok, it’s my face. You see this is the best part of a mustache. No matter your looks, level of success etc. people will always find something to pick at and judge. I’m simply going to grow one because I can. If I cut it off it because of one of two reasons. My wife completely hates it, or I do. I’m a man, and men can have mustaches.

I leave you with a picture of my mustache’s humble beginning.


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6 thoughts on “Establishing my manhood

  1. PeteV says:

    You grow that moustache, Nick. Then stride out into the world with defiant pride, knowing that, no matter how it looks, a hairy top lip is the mark of a man!

  2. ryan says:

    Hey, you owe me royalties for using my likeness on your site! I accept payment in the form of baccy and briar

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