Can you take me serious?

So tomorrow I will have been growing my mustache for one full month. Let me start by saying that it is awkward. It is getting long but has a mind it’s own. It sticks straight out instead of laying down, and I’ll admit, looks kinda goofy. I have been told by many that it is awesome and to keep it, but there is an equal number of people on the other side of the fence that poke fun and say things like, “It’s hard to take you serious with that stache.”.

So I had come to a crossroads. Give up on what I’ve started or stand fast and finish the adventure. I was lathered up to remove it when a fellow pipe smoker persuaded me other wise.




One thought on “Can you take me serious?

  1. PeteV says:

    That is a fine moustache, sir! You must keep it.
    Given a bit of time, it will settle down and lay more flat. I recommend getting a small pair of scissors to trim it and help keep it under control.

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