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Regretful Pipe Purchases

In July of 2011 I started a new career. I was very excited to get away from UPS and into a career I enjoyed. On a trip to the tobacconist, a pipe caught my eye and the price tag made it even more attractive. At under $40 this Brebbia Koralle seemed like a no brainer.


The pipe seemed to beg for for a nice aromatic tobacco in its bowl. After only a couple of smokes I realized that the shape of the pipe was just not conducive to aromatic tobaccos so the pipe was placed on a shelf and it remained there for a while. I often thought of getting it down and giving it another go but I was always reminded of the horrific gurgle it created. Now I am by no means a professional pipe smoker, but I knew it wasn’t just my poor smoking abilities. I decided to clean it up a few days ago and try to smoke a nice dry English tobacco in it. After about 20 minutes I was in gurgle Hell. The worst part is that it’s impossible to run a pipe cleaner through the stem due to the extremely narrow draft hole.

So this briar no sits on my shelf again. Instead of reminding me of the awesome career change as I intended it to, it causes me to regret ever purchasing it. Do you have pipes you regret purchasing?

I bored out the opening of the shank into the bowl to 5/32 at the advice of fellow pipe smokers. It seems to have helped in reducing the gurgle. The pipe is now smokable and with the right tobacco may even smoke dry.

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