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Sing it loud

I opened up my cd case in my car the other day and reached for an old favorite. I listened to the cd from beginning to end, as loud as I could, and signing every word. So I decided to compile a list of songs, that no matter the occasion, must be cranked and jammed. Understand that most of you will not like some of the songs on this playlist, but that’s the beauty of it. We all have a playlist, it would be awesome to listen to yours. I could have listed 50 more songs but I tried to limit the amount of songs from each artist to my absolute favorites. There are two or three CDs I could listen to from beginning to end.

I placed an * beside the name of all of he “harder” metal songs so if you choose to skip them you can. I also tried to find videos that included lyrics as well. I hope you enjoy, be warned there are a few guilty pleasure bands in here.


Norma Jean – Creating Something Out of Nothing Only to Destroy it *

Social Distortion – Ring Of Fire

Haste The Day – American Love *

Tim Barry – Things of the past

The White Stripes – Death Letter

Journey – Separate Ways

Guns N´ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around

Johnny Cash – Cocaine Blues

Chuck Ragan – Let It Rain

Chuck Ragan – California Burritos

Lucero – Tears don’t matter much

Lucero – My Best Girl

Social Distortion – Don’t Take Me for Granted

Social Distortion – Nickels and Dimes

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

Underoath – Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape *

UnderOATH – A Boy Brushed Red… Living In Black And White *

Underoath- To Whom It May Concern *

The Devil Wears Prada – Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over *

The Black Keys – Girl Is On My Mind

Norma Jean-Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste *

Murder By Death – ’52 Ford

Ryan Kerr – Take you Home

Norma Jean – Face: Face *

Taking Back Sunday – This Photograph Is Proof

Creed – Faceless Man

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