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Forgotten Talent

Growing up I was usually found playing with cars, Legos, or drawing. I spent a lot of time sketching cars and houses, it was my favorite past time. Then I started playing video games and slowly I stopped drawing. I’m not blaming it on video games, but that’s what I spent my time doing. Other friends were better than me at drawing more realistic images so I lost my motivation. I’ve never been able to just sit down and draw something, I need motivation and passion for the subject matter.

Last night, while smoking alone, I decide it was time to find some local smoking friends, and what better place than a Pipe Club. Now I did a little research and found that there isn’t one. Sure there is a small group of pipe/cigar smokers that smoke at the shop but no set meetings. So I decided to start one.

I set out to draw a simple logo, something to catch the eye of passerby’s. I want to have a few posters made up and get the word spread. So this what I created.

——- The Sketch ——-


——- The Finished Product ——-


This really motivates me to pick up the pencil more often.

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